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Careers in Free and Open Source Software

February 2012 • Exequiel Ceasar S. Navarrete

Free and Open Source Software
  • Any computer software that permits the user to access the program’s source code, modify it and distribute any derivative work under a license.

  • It is designed to encourage the free use and improvement of software by ensuring that anyone can access the source code and modify it freely.

FOSS upholds four types of freedom:
  1. The freedom to run the program, for any purpose.

  2. The freedom to study how the program works and modify it to suit the user’s needs. This also means access to the source code, since making changes in a program without having the source code is exceedingly difficult.

FOSS upholds four types of freedom:
  1. The freedom to redistribute copies of the program, either gratis or for a fee.

  2. The freedom to improve the program and release the modified version to the public.

Benefits of FOSS
  1. Affordability
  2. Stability and Security
  3. Open Standards
  4. Cooperation/Collaboration for quality
  5. User Freedom

Building your Career in Free and Open Source Software

2 ways to start your career in Free and Open Source Software:
  • Get trained in one of the Open Source technologies and subsequently be hired by an enterprise where it is used.

  • The other way encompasses the true essence of the Open Source, of not just being a user but a contributor.

Careers in Open Source

As enterprises adopt more and more Open Source solutions; they seek employees with familiarity and competence in Open Source technologies.

Open Source Projects to start your career
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MySQL Logo
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Ubuntu Logo
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Android Logo
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Possible Career Paths
  1. Developers and Programmers
  2. Technical / Documentation Writers
  3. System, Database, Network Administrators
  4. Designers
Developers and Programmers
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Python Logo
Ruby Logo
Perl Logo
Technical / Documentation Writers
PHP Documentation
System, Database, Network Administrators
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PostgreSQL Logo
Apache Logo
Apache Logo
PHP Documentation


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